Popcorn Falls

Written by James Hindman

Directed by Christian Borle

With Tom Souhrada and James Hindman

Original music by Jeffrey Lodin

2 actors, one town, 20 characters

The sleepy town of Popcorn Falls is forced into bankruptcy when a neighboring town threatens to turn it into a sewage treatment plant. Their only hope – OPEN A THEATRE! Two actors play over twenty roles in a world of farce, love and desperation proving once and for all that art can save the world.Tom Souhrada and James Hindman in Popcorn Falls

Comedy Overflows at “Popcorn Falls”

“…a delightful mix of comedy, bravura performances by two accomplished actors, and a side dish of tantalizing snippets about plays and the theatre.”

– Dan Skora, It’sAllTheatre.com

“What can you do with a small cast, a handful of props, a small set, on a small stage and in a small town? In the case of Popcorn Falls, it’s possible to wow an audience with well-honed, classic stagecraft skills.”

“The actors cannot rely on fancy sets, amazing costumes or rousing musical numbers to entertain the audience of Popcorn Falls, and in fact they do not need to. They rely solely on old-fashioned theatrical skills and talent, and do so impressively.”

– Paula Bradley, ENCORE MICHIGAN

“Popcorn Falls” is full of comedic riffs

“The new play Popcorn Falls is an energetic romp, full of impressions, wit, and (slightly manic) charm. Written by James Hindman, Popcorn Falls features two men riffing off one another in the style of comedy duos like Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. The time breezes by as the actors take on fifteen different roles, bringing to life the citizens of an entire small town.”

– Toby Tieger, PULP

“And that’s what a play like Popcorn Falls boils down to: the magic of watching two actors stretch themselves into multiple roles before your eyes.”

– Jenn McKee, Encore Michigan